Primary Care Providers and LifeStance Improve Lives Together

Every day, clinicians such as yourself see patients with mental, emotional, and behavioral health symptoms. As their trusted medical provider, they look to you to provide guidance on their paths to healthier lives. When you refer these patients to LifeStance Health, they gain much-needed resources and you acquire a partner to help you provide the best behavioral healthcare possible.

At LifeStance Health, we understand the value of collaboration between professionals. Our psychiatrists, psychologists, advanced nurse practitioners, and licensed therapists work together every day to improve the lives of our patients. We invite you to join us on our mission and refer your patients to our nationwide network of behavioral health providers.

Why Refer a Behavioral Health Patient to LifeStance Health

As a medical provider, you want nothing but the best for your patients. When you refer your patients to a team of behavioral health specialists like ours, you can be sure they are getting the expert specialty care they deserve. LifeStance Health has psychiatrists, psychologists, advanced nurse practitioners, and licensed therapists working together as a team to create personalized treatment plans and provide the continuity of care your patients deserve.

LifeStance Health also offers both in-person and online therapy and psychiatry appointments. These flexible telehealth options allow patients to overcome barriers to receiving care, by meeting your patients where it’s most convenient for them.

“When behavioral health patients can choose between in-office and virtual appointments, they tend to have more continuity of care. This leads to better patient outcomes, which is what we are all about.”

-Anisha Patel-Dunn, D.O.
Chief Medical Officer at LifeStance Health

Additionally, we accept insurance, so your patients do not have to worry about high cash pay or out of network bills when you refer them for specialty care.

Stay Involved in the Care Your Patient Receives

When you refer someone to LifeStance Health, you gain a collaborative team. We act as your partners in your mission to care for your patients. We keep you informed of your patient’s treatment plan and progress, so that you can take their mental health needs into account as part of the overall healthcare picture you manage.

Who Can LifeStance Health Help?

We have clinicians who can help people across all age groups, including pediatric and geriatric patients. The needs of each age groups are different and require specialized care. With a variety of expert clinicians, LifeStance Health can help patients across all demographics.

The specialized clinicians at LifeStance Health help patients with a wide variety of behavioral and mental health disorders, including:

With a combination of psychiatric, psychological, and therapy services, we can work with you and your patient to create a care plan that is tailored to their unique needs.

How to Refer Patients to LifeStance Health

LifeStance Health has more than 225 offices in 17 states, and every office offers telehealth appointments as well. To find a clinic or telehealth services near you and your patients, click the “Find Services” button on this page. We look forward to providing your patient with the same high level of care they have come to expect from you.