What to Expect from Your First Online Psychiatry Session

older man on online psychiatry appointment

Telehealth has become the norm in all types of medical fields, including psychiatry. However, the personal nature of psychiatry and the stigmas that surround mental health treatment, some people may feel nervous about their first online psychiatry appointments. Whether it’s your first time ever seeing a psychiatrist or you’re transitioning to virtual care, you may […]

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woman who just setup a telehealth appointment

How Psychiatry Appointments Work in Telehealth

Even before COVID-19 kept everyone in their homes for safety, the field of psychiatry was starting to make moves toward telehealth. That is, more patients were starting to talk to their psychiatrists virtually, rather than through traditional appointments. A shortage in many areas of the country and people’s increasing comfort with technology pushed the field in this direction. When the pandemic hit, Lifestance psychiatrists…

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